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Change of Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Commercial Identification
All articles are sold by ecbike.pt, NIF 229187684 and address: section 004, EC Marrazes, 2400-995 Leiria. ECbike.pt makes sales exclusively through its online store.

Contacts and Schedules
For any doubt, request for information or clarification should contact through the email or fill the form of Contacts
The store's phone call time is indicated on our Contacts page. The preferred contact outside business hours will be the email to ecbike@ecbike.pt.
You can use as alternatives to your orders:
Send an e-mail indicating the name, full address and contacts to ecbike@ecbike.pt indicating the products you wish to order;
By phone (check service hours), on +351 968 081 276 where to take advantage to clarify any doubts;
In the above mentioned options, we will send via e-mail a summary of the order to be detailed and confirm the details of the order;

Delivery conditions
The order confirmation will be made until the 2nd business day after the order is shipped and after our confirmation of the actual receipt of the payment, where we will indicate the expected delivery time only if it is outside the deadlines indicated in the product sheet. Orders are only processed after receipt of payment, and the delivery time varies depending on the availability of our suppliers

Except for another period indicated on the product sheet, stock break or under the conditions mentioned in the order.
All orders are shipped via a subcontracted service. Ecbike does not have a delivery service.
The service will be provided by CTT Correios or by another Logistic operator that will be specified during the course of your order. In the case of delivery not obtained at the indicated address, due to the absence of the recipient, a warning will be given to pick it up at the CTT counter or logistic operator in your area of ​​residence within the maximum period indicated in the respective guide.
The estimated days for delivery of orders presented in the details of the articles refer to deliveries to the Continent. The delivery time in the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira is estimated to increase by 2-3 days for Madeira and 4-5 days for the Azores.

The delivery time of the orders through the carrier CTT can vary between 8am and 7pm on business days, and it is not possible to guarantee a specific time of delivery.

Order Receipt
There are two ways to get the products ordered:
a) Delivery at the indicated address;
b) Delivery at CTT Expresso collection point;

Please be advised that if the order is not delivered and is returned to us by the carrier due to incorrect indication of the address or is returned for non-complaint by the customer to the logistic operator (non-withdrawal or non-acceptance of the order) of the customer.

You should thoroughly check each product when you receive it. In case of anomaly, you must return it, mentioning the reason for the return in the transport documents of the carrier. Then contact us immediately so we can solve the problem.

Delivery costs - Shipping
The free delivery service "Portes Gratis" applies to orders valued at or above € 200 + VAT made by final customers delivered in Continental Portugal.
The orders will have a value of associated postage and that will depend on the total weight of the order and the place of destination of the same. Our carriers can deliver your articles in Mainland Portugal and Islands, Europe and Third Countries.
The cost of shipping will correspond to the value associated with the sum of the weight of the products you ordered, for example if you purchase 3 articles whose total weight is up to 5 kg, you will pay the corresponding amount of the respective shipping step and not a postage value per article .
When finalizing your order the value of the postage will be automatically calculated in order to quickly know the final value of your purchase. In some cases, the value of the transport will be indicated only after submitting the order in our portal, later it will be informing via e-mail of the value of the shipments and must make its payment until the date of shipment of the order.

Shipping & Packaging
Our products, in addition to being well packaged and safe for transport, are shipped as fragile whenever warranted. You should check the carton thoroughly when you receive your order. In case of anomaly, you must return it, mentioning the reason for the return in the transport documents of the carrier. Then contact us immediately so we can solve the problem.
Our orders are sent together with the respective invoice / receipt, and the estimated Customer must keep the same as proof of purchase and for warranty purposes.
In addition to reusing all boxes, we use recycled packaging to protect the environment and reduce transportation costs.

You may use one of the following payment methods:
Bank transfer
When selecting this option will be indicated the IBAN to which you must make the payment, through the mail of your order. Payment must be made within 48 hours of order. You should send the proof to the e-mail address mentioned in the Order Form. The request will only be processed after the correct receipt of the bank transfer.

This payment method is only available to end customers. If you fall into the type of "resale" customer you should contact us for acceptance of the conditions and activation of the service.
Credit card
This payment method is only available to end customers. If you fall into the type of "resale" customer you should contact us for acceptance of the conditions and activation of the service.

Return Policy
ECbike.pt makes available to the customer all the information necessary for the correct identification of the product. In case of doubts the client should not submit any type of request, in this case should contact our services for clarification of doubts.
Returns are not accepted due to customer identification errors. Only refunds are accepted in case of error of the website or any type of error related to the information described on the website or indicated to the customer by our services.
In the case of an accepted return, proceed as follows:
- Within 5 days of receipt;
- It is the responsibility of the customer to return the product in perfect condition and good condition of packaging, without being applied or used, in the original packaging with all the included accessories, accompanied by the original invoice;
- Any return that does not comply with the conditions described above is not accepted;
- The return does not imply reimbursement to the Customer of any shipping costs;
- The refund of the payment received will be made by credit note or payment by bank transfer;
- The refund of the payment will only be issued after the receipt of the product in the n / installations.

The guarantee of the products marketed by, is only and exclusively determined by the manufacturers of the same, varying according to the manufacturer and the product in question.
Manufacturers establish a warranty period for their products, which covers all manufacturing defects and breakdowns during this period.
If no warranty period is indicated by the manufacturer, it is assumed in accordance with current legislation (Guarantees for the Sale of Consumer Goods), which shall not be less than 2 years.
The warranty is only valid if the parts are installed by a Professional accredited by the manufacturer or someone delegated by him. In the case of engine / chassis parts, it will be necessary to send the proof of maintenance of the vehicle and number of chassis. An order for warranty of this type of parts will only be valid if the maintenance plan of manufacturer is fulfilled and realized by a Professional accredited by the manufacturer or someone delegated by him.

Cookie Policy
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What are cookies?
They are small text files with relevant information that your access device (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) carries through the browser when a site is visited by the user.

The use of cookies not only helps the site to recognize the user's device the next time he visits it, but it will often be essential for the operation of the site. The cookies used by ecbike.pt, do not collect personal information that allows you to identify the user.
Cookies collect generic information, such as how users arrive and use the site or zone of the country / countries through which they access the site, etc. Cookies only retain information related to your preferences.
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Cookie Functionality

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Different types of cookies

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Cookies in the opening of newsletters / emails

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